Century Arms C39v2 Magpul Zhukov edition AK-47

I love being around firearms, the design, function, look, feel, smell, everything about them. When I got the opportunity to take a closer look at the Century Arms C39v2 AK-47 I jumped on it.

I am by no means an AK expert but have had the opportunity to handle and fire quite a few different varients. The big appeal for me with the C39v2 is it’s all American, refined construction.

It comes with a 1:10 chrome moly 4150 nitride treated barrel, a milled 4140 ordnance quality steel receiver, RAK-1 Enhanced Trigger Group, larger T shaped magazine catch, AKM Magpul Zhukov furniture with adjustable folding stock, standard AKM sights and side mount optic rail.

First impressions of this firearm are very good. Out of the box the fit and finish is excellent, everything fits together with tight tolerances. This particular version came with the Magpul Zhukov furniture and is perfect on the firearm.  

The folding stock takes this full size rifle down to a much more manageable size for storage and transportation. In the folded position it is hard to get to the charging handle but you do have full access to the trigger and it is no problem to shoot while folded.

The shooting experience with this rifle is outstanding. It is by far the smoothest shooting AK that I have handled. This is probably due to the tighter tolerances and their proprietary chevron muzzle brake. Reliability has been an unsurprising 100%.  

It has cycled absolutely everything thrown at it from mass produced steel case ammo up to match grade ammo. There was no trouble at all getting on target at 300 yards. The RAK-1 enhanced single stage trigger is light, smooth and predictable with an excellent reset. The reset is tactile and audible making it a joy to shoot.

I was able to put a few hundred rounds of Century Arms’s own Red Army Elite brass cased 7.62×39 ammunition. Paired with this ammunition the C39v2 was deadly accurate at all ranges tested from 50 to 300 yards. I was thoroughly impressed with the accuracy of this rifle, I feel confident that with the right optic this would be a 1 moa rifle.

Century is also making the first true return to zero Red Army Standard micro red dot mount for the C39v2. It is a hard coat anodized 6061 aluminum mount compatible with T1/H1 red dot optics. I was immediately impressed with how sturdy this mount is and its perfect placement of the optic.

To test out the micro optic mount I put a Holosun HS503c solar, LED circle red dot optic on the rifle. This was a huge improvement to the shooting experience and accuracy of the rifle. The HS503c is a 2 moa dot with a 65 moa circle.

This optic is very impressive for the price point. The solar panel allows it to operate without using battery power in almost all lighting scenarios. With the battery removed I was shocked at how little light was needed to power the dot.

Once zeroed with the Holosun the C39v2 was unstoppable. Hit after hit on steel at all ranges. This setup was unbelievably fun to shoot.

The return to zero side rail and optic mount work as advertised. I shot groups at 50 yards, removed the optic, reinstalled it and shot another group with zero noticeable shift in zero. Even out to 300 yards the point of impact was unchanged.

Also worth noting, it is possible to field strip the C39v2 with the optic mount in place. The bolt carrier has to be tilted to just the right angle but then it all comes apart for cleaning or inspection.

I had a chance to throw the VG6 Performance EPSILON AK muzzle brake on this rifle and it cut the recoil and muzzle rise even more. It is hard to believe how low the recoil is on this setup. 

Adding accessories to the Magpul handguard is a breeze with the built in M-LOK slots. I mounted a Steiner Optics MK4 Battle Light with pressure switch which really opened up the low light/night capabilities of the rifle. 

At its price point the Century Arms C39v2 AK-47 is an extremely high value, high quality American made firearm. I look forward to putting a lot more lead down range with this fantastic firearm.


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