The Match Grade 9mm Ammo You NEED to Be Shooting

In all honesty, I'm cheap. Let me rephrase that, I'm cheap when it comes to centerfire ammo. Most of my targets I shoot in training, plinking and in competition are roughly 300 yards and in, so I don't have to be Alvin York accurate or at least that's how I used to think.

If you're not subconsciously shaking your head at me on the other side of this screen, then you're nodding in agreement since like me, you want to get the most pew pew for every one of your hard earned pesos. This notion is especially true with non defensive pistol ammo where the cheapest price per round is the only factor that make it's way into our heads. And why wouldn't it be? Besides Jerry Miculek pulling off some thousand yard 9mm tomfoolery, who really needs the best super duper accurate pistol ammo?



Luckily (or unluckily however you look at it) I'm buddies with guys that not only ridiculed me to the tenth degree for thinking with my earlier cheapskate mentality, but also get plenty of ammo sent to them, being Freedom Munitions sponsored shooters and all. About two months ago I was with said professional 3-Gun slayer and in desperate need of hitting 100 yard IPSC steel targets on the clock. He whom shall remain unnamed smirked and handed me a box of this brand new match grade 9mm ammo, "try this" he says. Had he been anyone else I would've thought I was being set up and that confetti was going to fly out the business end of my Glock when the buzzer rang. While not nearly as comedic, when I pulled the trigger on this 124 gr hollow point Freedom Munitions Super Match round it hit EXACTLY where my front sight was pointing at some 25 yards away on a steel knockover and then another and another, almost like I knew what I was doing. At that moment, still on the clock mind you, I froze not really sure how to deal with going one for one on targets I thought were going to require at least a full mag dumped on them. My previous pistol portions of earlier stages will reinforce that I am by no means Bob Vogel behind the wheel of my Glock 34, so I knew it had to be something else......But what?




It didn't take long (about 43 seconds to be exact) after I finished the stage to go "it's gotta be the ammo". Sure, my pro shooter pal gets plenty of ammo, but he's no Unicef, so I used the remaining rounds out of that 50 strategically on the longest pistol targets remaining in the match. This ended up being a wise choice and resulted in me only taking a very low number of extra shots that sent other shooters scrambling for mag changes. I have to admit leaving that match I was pretty bummed out about where I finished but what I took away from the match was this 9mm Super Match is like crack for my Glock and  while I wasn't scratching at my neck craving my next fix, you can bet its the first ammo I hopped on the interweb and bought some more of.




Fast forward two months and about 350 rounds of this "Glock Crack" aka 9mm Super Match ammo later, there's a few things I've noticed about this wonder round and they are as follows:

  • Although you might think its just Freedom's 124gr HP in a fancy box, it's not. Upon further inspection, the actual bullet is totally different. The OAL of the SuperMatch round is greater and the cavity in the nose of the bullet is narrower but longer.
  • Reliability 100%. I've messed around a lot with the springs in my Glock which means that its ammo picky. Out of those seven boxes or so I've shot, I can't think of a single FTF, or any other ammo related issue.
  • It ain't cheap but it's far from expensive. At $18.63 per 50 at the time I'm writing this, it's only $4 more than a box of 115gr Remington UMC. That boils down to a 7 cents a rounds difference and when you look at it that way-that's nothing considering the added accuracy and reliability you're getting for that additional nickel and two pennies.


What do I really think?

I'd like to tell you explicitly that in all things shooting it's the indian not the arrow and that a "real" shooter can put even the lowliest of ruskie steel cased rounds exactly where it needs to go but because we live in the real world where the laws of physics and "you get what you pay for" hold true-  Super Match ammo is worth it's weight in copper jacketed lead.


-I suppose right about now you're expecting some link labeled "BUY IT HERE NOW" but then you guys would buy it all and there'd be none left for me until they churn more out. Do me a favor, it's pay day this Friday so wait till Saturday or better yet wait till Monday so I can stock up on it first.

Get Freedom Munitions 9mm SuperMatch Ammo here.... On Monday!



Grouping standing at 16 yards by a less than good shot:




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