Pig Hunting with Freedom Munitions 69 Grain HPBT

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Reanna Kadic

Today's article comes from Freedom Munitions sponsored shooter 16 year old Reanna Kadic.

My Dad had promised to take me turkey hunting at our friends place in Jarrell, TX in April 2015. He and my brother had gone the week previous and came back with a big Tom. I wasn’t able to go due to school obligations, but OMG!! When I saw that Tom, I knew I had to get out there no matter what. What I didn’t know was that the turkey hunt I had planned with my Dad and friends was actually going to turn out to be a pig hunt.

On the drive down to the property my Dad and I talked about how the hunt should go down. We went back and forth talking about decoy placement, where to position ourselves and, more importantly, who gets to shoot first. Of course I got my way...I shoot first!

We got to the property around 3:30 pm on a mild Texas afternoon. My Dad set up his “Funky Chicken” turkey decoy. My brother shot his Tom using this Turkey decoy, I figured I couldn’t go wrong either. Finally we were in the field, shotguns in hand calling gobblers, just waiting for some turkeys to come along. The problem was, all we did was wait. Not a turkey in sight and the sun was starting to fade. What to do??

We were about to wrap things up and head back to the camp disappointed, when all of a sudden, a group of wild hogs trampled out onto the field about 50 yards from where we were sitting. My Dad and I froze, we looked at each other with wide eyes thinking “what do we do now?”. My goal was to get a turkey that day, but that just wasn’t the way it was going to be. My turkey hunt had just turned into a pig hunt.

My LaRue rifle was tucked away in the buggy across the road. We decided that I would belly crawl to retrieve my rifle and my long range 69 gr. HPBT Freedom Munitions ammo. This ammo is incredible for 3 Gunning and is my go to ammo for long range shooting, but it also has proven worthy in the field. So, there I was, down on the ground inching my way toward the buggy.

The pigs, oblivious to our presence, were eating and rooting around in the field and I could feel my Dads eyes on me, willing me to hurry before we got spotted. My Dad told me that if I had a clean shot from the buggy to take it. I was excited and nervous and trying to be quiet. Once I got to the buggy, I grabbed my rifle and a mag, then loaded and charged it. I got into a good position, took one last glance at my Dad, took aim, safety off and shot! Boom...one piggy down and boom again, second piggy down. The 69 gr. HPBT ammo did an awesome job bringing down the pigs! Two pigs down and the remaining pigs scattered. My Dad jumped up from from his position and shouted “Woo hoo!”.

We went to examine the kill. Two big hogs and meat for the freezer! My pig luck continued many months later. In the fall, we were out for the Youth Deer Rifle Season Opener in Texas and, you guessed it, pigs strolled out instead of the deer. Thankfully my Dad brought my LaRue Rifle so we were not caught of guard this time. Again, I took the opportunities as they came to me and shot another hog using my trusted Freedom Munitions 69 gr. HPBT. This has been an exciting and great 3 gun and hunting season so far! Freedom Munitions has given me great success in the field and in 3 Gun and I will continue using this trusted ammo for my hunting and 3 gunning needs simply because it works!

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