Pat's Notes from the Field: HUSH 45ACP

Much of what you'll find for "bullet speed" data is generated in a ballistic lab and is provided as a service to you the consumer. One needs to keep in mind that ballistic lab testing is generally done in a "test barrel," often of a length longer than that of our guns in the field.  Beyond that, it is very rare to see data points such Standard Deviation (SD or S) or Extreme Spread (ES or E), which may indicate a potentially accurate load (lower the number the better).  So with some help from Freedom Munitions I will be offering you some... "Notes from the Field"

On the docket: Freedom Munitions HUSH in 45ACP.

All groups fired from a sandbag rest @ 25 yards.

It is understood that the larger the sample the better the data; here are two samples of ten shots each. Chronograph used: Oehler 35P (proof channel).

Some would have you believe that "plated bullets" aren't known for their accuracy, and it is quite possible "some" are not. However these 230 grain X-Treme bullets are in fact... VERY ACCURATE!  Freedom Munitions formula for making and loading these BIG bullets is enviable.  While "billed" as an ammo for suppressor use (and ideal for that purpose), if I were to re-enter the world of Bullseye Competition this ammo certainly has that potential!  However I am currently engaged in the practical shooting sports and as an avid 3-Gunner you can bet that this soft-shooting ammo will fill my mags and eliminate any ammo related excuse for missing targets!

I welcome your thoughts.

Yours in Sport, Patrick.

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