Pat's Notes from the Field: American Steel!

I dig the name “American Steel” but what’s the deal? Is it made for steel? It's not solid brass...will it save you some cash? Dr. Seuss aside, Freedom Munitions is continually developing new products for you, the ammo hungry market.  For this installment of Pat’s Notes from the Field, I present American Steel; A bargain-priced, range, field or match ammo that is loaded with bragging rights!

American Steel005

All 5 groups shot at 25 Yards

American Steel is a new flavor of steel-cased ammunition that is sure to please more than just your wallet. Rather than the “lacquer” or “polymer” coating found on other steel-cased ammo on the market, Freedom plates theirs with brass!  Looking at the loaded ammo, or even looking inside a fired American Steel case, you can’t tell it from a standard brass one.  Only a magnet will tell the tale.American Steel2001

Cases look, feel and function just like their more expensive counterparts.

American Steel2002

The brass plating insures a smooth running transition from magazine to chamber and from a piping hot chamber to the ground.  Since the plating is bonded at the molecular level it can’t “rub off” or build up in your gun.

In the 300 rounds I have fired so far (I plan on shooting a bunch more over the winter so I don’t feel guilty about not picking up cases in the snow!) I have had no issues with function or performance!  Especially performance!

American Steel004

All my accuracy and chrono testing was done on a rather cool fall day (12*) with a light snizzle (snow drizzle not a Snoop reference).  So in spite of my cold hands and a numb trigger finger this ammo was the heat!

The cold wreaked all kinds of havoc with my chronograph’s ink so I don’t have my normal print-outs for you.  But the average speed over 20 shots of the American Steel ammo loaded with X-Treme 115’s was 1137fps.  That easily made Minor Power Factor out of my Sig P320.

P320 American Steel

This Sig P320 averaged 1137fps with the 115 American Steel

Accuracy? Accuracy! Yea this stuff has it! Check out the targets!  2” was a MAX for 5 shots at 25 yards with my aforementioned numb trigger finger working my accuracy test mule, a Sig 226-X5.

American Steel1001

Cool gun on a cold range...12 degrees and those while flakes are snow!

American Steel003 of the great "excuse" eliminators!

American Steel002

American Steel001

So it is reliable, it is accurate and it goes plenty fast enough for any match where our 9mm’s belong.  What does it do better??? It costs less to shoot than any ammo worthy of your time and effort, short of reloading your own. And that too takes time and effort.

American Steel is for real! It has mass appeal and is more than a good deal!

American Steel right here> Freedom Munitions

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