Pat's Notes From The Field: 55 VMAX 223 Reman

I'll let someone else handle the nick-pick details of "what is Reman ammo." I just know that when built by Freedom Munitions it is affordable and excellent!

In the briefest of terms Reman ammo (Remanufactured) is really about the brass case starting out in Freedom Munitions (FM) loading process as a "used," once-fired case that has been: cleaned, sized, trimmed and prepped for loading.  Much like you or I would do when "rolling our own."

One possible difference between FM's efforts and ours is that we might take the time to sort cases by head stamp...heck, we might go through the tedium of weighing cases for Uber Match uses. To be affordable to us, FM can't do that, but does all that time consuming case prep hand labor that we do make a difference?  I always heard it did and followed that protocol when assembling my own "super match" International Handgun Metallic Silhouette 7BR and 7TCU pistol ammo.

It is very likely that the weighing and trimming and primer pocket uniforming and annealing and neck turning makes a benchrest gun work its magic, but as a 3 gunner (and more aptly put a "practical shooter") any load that holds MOA is good to go! Especially good if it is affordable, and the FM 55 VMAX 223 Reman ammo that I used in this article (and to achieve several major match podium finishes) it just that: MOA-affordable!

Check out this photo of the fired 223 /5.56 cases.  How many different headstamps do you see?  Nearly all of it is "NATO cross" but a couple are commercial cases....and ALL of it was from the groups in the next series of photos.

55Vmax Headstamps 1s

Mixed salad anyone?

I said MOA and I think it is fair that at least at 100 yards it qualifies.  (18+ MPH winds kept me from going further) Average for the Five 5 shot groups=1.043"

FM 55V Reman01s FM 55V Reman02s FM 55V Reman03s FM 55V Reman04s FM 55V Reman05s

Of course I used fair technique and a high quality bullet aimer and thrower to facilitate my efforts.

IOR 1x6x Optic

The "Aimer" from IOR 1x6x

55Vmax Kit 1

The "Thower" Rhino Arms AR-4A 3-Gun 18" The optic show was not used for group testing.

Chronograph results may be a bit on the low side, but when you consider the possible internal case volume differences, would you load to MAX?

2900+ in your 3-Gun Nation Pro Series 16" tube. 2950 from  your 18" Outlaw Match gun and a respectable 3100+ in my custom 22" Iron Sight slayer!

55Vmax Chrono 2s

Can you reload your own to a better outcome?  I know the truly experienced HandLoader could, but I prefer to either spend that time on the range getting better, or working at my regular job picking up some overtime. That way I can just buy some of the most affordable MOA capable 223 I have found.  You can too, so don't say I didn't tell you!

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  1. Rick Korzep 19 February, 2016 at 06:58 Reply

    Nice article with quantified results. I am curious how it holds its accuracy compared to heavier 62 plus grain projectiles at distances in excess of 300Y. Always willing to give you you next topic!

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