Pat's Notes from the Field: 155 Amax Reman 308

As a (some say THE) Heavy Metal competitor for many years, I have some opinions on what ammo the HM 3-Gunner needs in order to perform well.

My personal criteria was to have ammo capable of keeping all shots within the "B-Zone" of a USPSA target at 300 yards. That equates to about 2MOA.  With a rifle and load so equipped I was able to garner a respectable number of check marks in the win column.  Today's notes from the field will showcase an affordable alternative to the Buck 50 a shot ammo that I used for any target beyond what the then-available Mil Surp 308 could be expected to do.  Since the goal is to test ammo, not me or my equipment, I used a personally modified JP LR-308 with a 4x-14x Scope shooting off a Bi-Pod for the 100 yard groups shown.  Within the collection of photos to follow, you will note the W-I-D-E variety of case head-stamps.  Given that and the "collective assumption" that "Reman" ammo was only good for "practice," one might not expect to see SUB-Minute groups to appear, but appear they did!

FM 308 30805

14 cases 6 Different case makers.

FM 155A Reman05FM 155A Reman04

I don't "cherry pick" groups to show you. Nor do I sort rounds looking for matching head-stamps. I extract rounds from the box and load the mag. These are the first five 5-shot groups out of the gun. My area of the country is known for nearly continuous winds. So, rather than hang a fresh target every time, when there is a lull I will use different aim points after the center is no longer available. That is why you see groups in different areas of the target.

FM 155A Reman03 FM 155A Reman02FM 155A Reman01

It is interesting to note that the field data collected from my 22" gun is only 97 fps lower than the Lab data shown on Hornady's product page using a 24" tube.

FM 308 30807

18" Data Rhino Arms "Hammer" / 22" Data JP LRP-07

Although I am sponsored by Freedom Munitions they know that what I offer beyond everything else is my honesty. In keeping with my "tell-all" reporting, the Oehler 35P confirms the speed and velocity consistency. quality personally perfected handholds can result in Standard Deviations in the single digits.  Something the F-Class and other long range competitor should strive to achieve.  However, the fact that a Top Tier 3-Gunner can buy and expect solid MOA performance from this ammunition at a price that nearly pays you to practice rather than hand loading, is something to consider. Freedom Munitions... MOAffordable.


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