Pat's Notes from the Field: 9mm Hush 147

It is interesting note how "cans" or as I like to call them "gun mufflers" have gotten so popular in recent years:  lots of demand for this accessory item that helps make our toys more...gentlemanly.

But a gun muffler alone can only do so much. High pressure "exhaust" makes noise. To take full advantage of a "can" one should shoot subsonic ammo.  Freedom Munitions has a couple of choices in 9mm that should make both your ears and your pistol happy.  Today's field notes will center on the Hush 147 grain 9mm ammunition.  I will be reporting on the heavyweight 165 grain offering in another installment here on Ammo Guru, so stay tuned!

What do you want from your ammo?

Reliability in my mind is job one! To that, I tested the Hush 147 in 3 handguns other than my accuracy "test mule" the Sig 226s (early X5 target). From the shorty of the group the compact Glock G26 to the mid-length CZ 85B and finishing with the long-barreled Glock 17L, the ammo ran flawlessly in every instance.

What else? Accuracy. Yep Freedoms Hush 147 is pretty good in that department too!

Hush 147 G1

Hush 147 G2

It runs the guns, it's accurate and did I mention that it is S O F T shooting?  Well, I am now! I think this load could be the new secret weapon for the competition 3-Gun and USPSA production crowd.  Try some, I think you'll be loading to this spec. Or buying the factory-loaded stuff in quantity.

Hush 147 G3

Hush 147 G4

Ammo that holds right around 2" at 25 yards works for me. This ammo not only shoots pretty well, but actually makes Minor Power Factor in all the guns tested. Yes, even the diminutive barreled G26 came in at 126pf. Not much to spare, but I don't think any of us are competing with that little number anyway.

Check the Oehler P35 proof channel chronograph tapes and see for yourself.

Hush 147 Chrono 1

G26 (126pf)    CZ85B (131pf)    G17L (138pf) all based on the "M" Mean average shown above.

Ok, so far the chrono data shows that ammo runs at less than 1000 fps (subsonic is less than 1125fps and even that is local condition dependent) in every gun tested.  How does is sound?

Check this out.

Open Video Here

Imagine your favorite handgun with its "ear protector" on!  Oh yea! I think it is time for me to man up and Can up!

Till next time.

Yours in Sport,


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