Meet Patrick E. Kelley

Competitor, Instructor, Gunwriter, Photo/Videographer.

Patrick began shooting at the young age of six, but did not enter into the competitive shooting sports until he was 27, where he won the first match entered.

Since then he has earned numerous first place finishes at major matches in 12 US states and Canadian provinces, including two Gold Medals at the Pan American Shotgun Championship in 2013. He has mastered several shooting disciplines, from NRA Bullseye and Metallic Silhouette to the world of Practical Shooting. Patrick is also a member of the NRA 2600 Club and was ranked in the USPSA’s top twenty early in his shooting career.

Patrick’s deep seated interested in firearms has led him well beyond basics of routine maintenance into gunsmithing and competion tuning. Handloading and bullet casting were an integral part of Patrick’s competition shooting advancement.

Patrick's articles on shooting and firearms, as well as his photography can be found within the pages of Shooting Illustrated, Outdoor Life and 3-GunNation Magazine. As a friend of law enforcement he is a volunteer trainer for his local Tactical Response Team. In concert with the NRA he produced the exhibition shooting video series “Patrick's TacTricks”, and when time allows he plays the piano.