I shot a gun for the first time about 4 and a half years ago when I purchased a Janna ReevesKel Tec .380 for concealed carry. It was love at first shot and I haven't stopped since! I immediately started learning everything I could about guns and finding people to go shooting with who had different types of firearms I could test out to see what I liked. Turns out it's pretty much anything that goes bang!

I took several tactical style classes, became an NRA certified instructor, taught classes, and worked at a shooting range. Guns became my life. 2 years ago I discovered the world of 3 Gun through a video on YouTube. I didn't know how to shoot a shotgun so I chose my very first match to be a major national shotgun match in late summer 2013. It was a challenge but I knew I was hooked for life! I was asked to join the Noveske Janna from Tower 2Shooting Team in 2014 and spent the year learning from my teammates who I consider some of the best in the game. Over the past 2 years I have attended every match I could and I intend to continue that path as long as I can!

Sponsors: Freedom Munitions, Brownells, Taran Tactical Innovations, Benelli, Noveske, Carbon Arms, Nosler, WildeEar and Lucas Oil.