Born into this world from a “mhmm just right” combination of tiger blood and Red Bull, it was only a matter of time until I found firearms in my late teens. Being raised on the south side of Chicago, hasn’t made this one sided relationship for guns any easier but luckily I went from average gun owner to eat, sleep, shoot, repeat after stumbling onto competitive pistol shooting in the form of IDPA. Obviously being young and dumb, the inner Ricky Bobby was unleashed and the need to shoot faster brought on more gun mods and a new sport of USPSA. And since like many of you reading this can probably agree, settling is for losers or fellas named Piers, 3-Gun was the only next choice.

I like long walks on the range, 12 gauge shoulder massages, and giving honest “I don’t care what the brand thinks” reviews of gear, guns, and the ammo that makes it all run.  So if you came here to find the same regurgitated banter that a thousand other writers are selling, Por favor look elsewhere.


~J. Pew

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