Essential Gear to Pack for a 3-Gun Match

Today's article comes from Freedom Munitions Pro Staff Shooter Nate Staskiewicz

Besides your standard 3-gun gear, there are a few essential gear you should pack so you can be prepared for the unexpected at a match:


  1. A small tool / cleaning kit – I usually pack oil, a multi-tool, a set of allen wrenches, a cleaning rod with a chamber brush, Q-Tips, a mag brush, and an AR-15 bolt carbon scraper in my travel tool kit.   These items are important not only when doing standard cleaning, but also in the event you need to do gun repair during a match.
  1. IMG_2261

    Everything fits neatly inside my 5.11 UCR IFAK

    Critical spare parts – If your gun goes down during a match, you should be sure to have some key essential parts with you:

  • Rifle – extra bolt, firing pin, firing pin retaining pin, and scope battery
  • Pistol – extra fiber-optic
  • Shotgun – extra shell catch, bolt release button, and fiber-optic
  1. A small medical kit – If you sustain a minor injury or develop a blister, a small medical kit containing different sizes of bandaids, an anti-biotic ointment like Neosporin and liquid skin can get you back in the competition quickly. I especially like liquid skin and have used it for cuts – it holds up well and stayed on my skin throughout the match.IMG_2260
  1. Rain jacket – Several days before a match I always check the weather forecast and pack accordingly. No matter what, I always travel with a rain jacket, because you never know if the weather will take a sudden turn for the worse.
  1. Kneepads – Another thing I always pack is kneepads. They can sure save your knees if there is a stage with rocks or any other hard surface like cement. They can also give you a few options on tough kneeling positions.
  1. Baby wipes – Baby wipes can be a lifesaver in a variety of different scenarios. Whether cleaning your hands off or in the event the porta-potty doesn’t have any toilet paper, you may find them to be one of the most important things you packed.



  1. Snacks – You won’t perform as well if you are hungry so I always travel with tortillas, peanut butter and Clif bars. They also are great to have on hand when flying or if you need a late night snack at the hotel.
  1. De-fogging wipes – To keep your glasses from fogging up in different weather conditions, I always pack de-fogging wipes. They ensure I’m always able to see the targets when shooting.

These essentials will hopefully help you to prepare for unforeseen circumstances and maximize your performance at a match!



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