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One company within the Howell Munitions family that isn't quite as well known is AmmoLoad Worldwide. What does Ammoload do you ask? Well, the short answer is manufacture the finest commercial in-line loading machine on the market.

Freedom Munitions 2014 Media Day

Freedom Munitions 2014 Media Day

By using an In-Line loader, all of the rounds go through the same set of dies, powder check and processes. The large, 250 and 500 round plate loaders that the biggest manufacturers use can produce massive amounts ammunition , however the multiple stations, especially powder drop and bullet seating, can introduce variability within each lot #, since the stations aren't separated as they come off of the machine.

The AmmoLoad MarkX (for pistol calibers, and Mark L (for rifle calibers) are automated machines that can produce in excess of 4,500 high quality rounds per hour under certain conditions. Even at that speed though, the machine has built in quality checks, including a powder drop check, that will stop the loading process, allowing the operator to remedy the problem before loading a few dozen squibs, rounds without primers or any thing else that can go wrong during hand loading, except at a much faster pace!
Another thing to note about the AmmoLoad machines is that Freedom Munitions uses them all day, every day. This means that AmmoLoad has constant feedback to improve machines, and Freedom Munitions has constant tech support and maintenance ready to keep the loading machines running properly.
To sum it up, whether you're a Freedom Munitions customer interested in how we produce ammo, or you're in the market for a commercial loading solution, AmmoLoad Worldwide is ready to to produce the highest quality ammunition on the market.

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