MGM Targets to Keep my Shooting on Target

Today's article comes from Freedom Munitions Pro Staffer, Nate Staskiewicz

When I’m training for my next three gun match I want every advantage I can get, that’s why I choose to shoot MGM Targets steel targets.  I’m just like many other shooters – whether it’s school, work or other personal commitments, I often don’t have a lot of time to practice.  When I go to the range, time is at a premium so I’m always looking for way to make my training sessions more productive and get more reps accomplished in the limited time I have.


Maximizing Your Productivity on the Range

I’ve maximized my productivity while training on the range three different ways – I’ve completely removed the time it takes to reset targets, minimized the time it takes to set-up targets and reduced the amount of time it takes to tear-down targets when I’m done practicing.  To effectively accomplish these goals I exclusively use MGM’s auto poppers, 10” and 12” steel challenge targets, and TAC BC zone targets.


All of the targets I use are non-falling, so after I’m done shooting a drill all I have to do is load my magazines, and then get back to shooting.  The other great thing about MGM’s targets is that you can quickly take them apart, so they can easily be transported in a compact package.  When at the range, target set-up and tear-down time only takes a matter of minutes.


In addition to eliminating the time it can take for resetting, and reducing the time it takes to set-up and teardown, I maximize my training time by only setting up a variety of different targets once when I get to the range.  Instead of moving the targets after every “stage” I want to practice, I simply create a new course of fire for the same targets.


Practicing on Reduced-size Targets

Another thing I’ve started doing that has really helped me is to practice on reduced size targets.  For example, when I practice shooting slugs with my Benelli M2 shotgun I set my MGM auto popper at 50 or 100 yards and then practice coming into position, breaking down, letting the sights settle, and taking a well-aimed shot.  I also really like practicing my pistol accuracy and transitions with reduced size targets.  In this scenario I set four of my MGM auto poppers in a row at 50 yards, draw on the targets and practice seeing a good sight picture, breaking a clean shot, and letting my sights carry onto the next target.


A 50 yard pistol group with Freedom Munitions ProMatch

If you like to increase your practice time, and reduce your set-up and teardown time, I would strongly recommend investing in some high quality steel targets from MGM Targets.  From the instant feedback of a hit and durability, to the lightweight and compact designs, my MGM targets are always with me when I’m practicing on the range and will be for many more years to come.  You can get a 10% discount off your next purchase of MGM Targets when you use my discount code NSMGM10.  I hope to see you on the range soon!

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