Best Way to Share Your Love of Firearms

If you made it to this article, then you already have half the tools needed to show off your shooting skills or sweet gun collection. No matter what cockamamie conspiracies you may have about the internet, you better believe it's the easiest way to get your gun photos and shooting videos out to the general public. Now what social media outlet (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube)  you're using to get that AR mag dump video out there is personal preference and highly debated. I'm not going to be talking about that whole interweb situation, because there's no wax on, wax off approach to making sure you get 100k views on YouTube. Instead what I'm going to let you in on is hands down the best camera for the money, so that you can produce high quality videos and images which will hopefully help get you on your way to Dan Bilzerian levels of internet stardom-Fingers Crossed.




For me, the best camera for the money that checks all the boxes needed for shooting videos and photos is none other than the Canon s110. Before you light the torches and pick up the pitchforks, YES I'm well aware it's a point and shoot camera. Normally point and shoot cameras of this form factor are reserved for your 11 year old, or stuffed in Aunt Gloria's fanny pack, the S110 is not that camera.


For just under $200, you're getting a camera that has capabilities that far exceed cameras costing more than twice it's price. Honestly, the only other option even remotely close to this price range worth looking at is a GoPro Hero 4 but that's not exactly what you're going to want to capture amazing still photos and non fisheye/shaky video. You can probably get this camera for around $150 at the time of this article seeing as how I purchased mine as a refurb from Canon directly for $175 shipped almost two years ago.

Right about now you're probably saying "OK OK we get it, this camera kicks ass and is easy on the wallet, but what makes it so great?" Well boys and girls, here's what I like to call the Good, the Bad, and the Trust Me about the Canon S110 digital camera.




The Good

-The size. You've probably heard electronics compared size wise to a deck of cards. The S110 is seriously the identical dimensions of your standard 52 card deck. What that means in the real world is you can rock that pair of Boy George jeans and still be able to comfortably fit this camera in your front pocket.

-Manual Mode. The reason why Point and Shoot cameras are so popular among people is that they allow the average person to quickly fire up and take a relatively okay picture quickly. Don't get me wrong, I use the automatic settings on the S110 majority of the time BUT.... when you want to really act like you know what you're doing, the settings on this camera come close to its DSLR big brothers.

-High ISO. Allows you to shoot in dark conditions or in fast moving action shots and get an awesome picture/video.

-WiFi Connectivity. Snap a photo with your REAL camera (Canon s110) and share it to your phone so you can throw it on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

-Image Stabilization. Who doesn't love watching 3 gun match videos that leave you feeling sea sick? After using this exact camera for filming 3 gun shooting stages and running with it while recording, the internal stabilization does some voodoo magic to what would otherwise be unusable shaky footage.

-Stupid Proof Controls. Like I said above, this is my chosen camera to record me running around shooting in 3-Gun. That means I'm usually asking someone that's never used this camera before, to run behind me and record my stage runs. A. Make sure the top dial is on the video camera icon. B. Hit the big red button on the back to record..... Yeah it's really that easy.

-Full HD Video @30 FPS. Let's say there's two extremely similar YouTube videos. One's shot in HD, the other is not. Which one would you watch? Get where I'm going with this??? At the end of the day if you're filming video with this camera, you WILL be that video people want to watch because of the higher quality.

-Cheap Long Lasting Batteries. Coming in at a whopping $8 per battery, If you should ever run out of battery during a day of filming, having a few extra batteries in tow to swap out is an easy and cheap solution to always having your camera ready.




The Bad

-No flip out display screen. This makes getting those super low or awkward position photos a pain.

-Lack of button lockout. I've on numerous occasions had this camera turn on the view mode whilst in my pocket only to find the camera battery on E when I needed it. I remedied this by placing a piece of electrical tape over the "play" button making it harder to engage in my pocket and have yet to have it turn on accidentally.

-No external audio input. The only true thing separating this camera from a DSLR, minus the larger image sensor and interchangeable lenses of course, is the ability to plug in an external microphone. You're stuck with two options, the tiny little microphones on the front of the camera which do a decent job of capturing audio OR going old school and recording audio via a secondary source.

-Not waterproof. Still not sure why this would be a deal breaker for anyone but its worth mentioning. *Side note* I dropped this camera in a big Ol' pile of Virginia International Raceway mud at this past 3Gun Nation Regional and it was perfectly fine.




Trust Me

-As much as want to keep all the YouTube millions to myself, I'm a firm believer that the best way to share your love for firearms or your shooting sport in a positive way is by putting those videos or photos on the internet. Trust me when I say that the better quality your videos/photos are, the more likely some random person sitting in their underwear at 3am on YouTube will view your media. The Canon S110 is the most cost effective way at churning out HD shooting videos and ridiculously impressive photos like this one above. So empty out those couch cushions, head over here to get it dirt cheap, and get out the range to start creating the next respectable pew pew pew production.



This whole video was shot with the Canon S110.


(By the way this is not a paid endorsement of Canon. Just in case you thought I was some big shot that gets free cameras from them.)



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