• Sizing Die thumb
    Everywhere you turn, somebody has a setting up a sizing die on their reloading press. Well, I'm no different! So check out the video below for the method that has served me well for well over 250,000 rounds!
  • This article comes to AmmoGuru from George Dorbert. Set yourself up for success, dedicate a range practice bag and a separate range bag.  Adjust your items depending on the style of shooting you do, whether it be personal defense, IDPA, USPSA, 3 Gun, Steel Challenge or any of the rifle disciplines ...
  • IMG_0116
    In all honesty, I'm cheap. Let me rephrase that, I'm cheap when it comes to centerfire ammo. Most of my targets I shoot in training, plinking and in competition are roughly 300 yards and in, so I don't have to be Alvin York accurate or at least that's how I ...
  • Freedom Munitions 2014 Media Day
    Jacketed, Plated, Hard Cast? What does it all mean? Aren't all bullets lead anyway? Well, there are some differences between different bullet types, and what they might be appropriate for. Let's start with the most basic, Hard Cast Lead. Cast bullets are made just like they sound. A lead alloy, ...


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Converting 223 brass to 300 Blackout

^^watch video here^^ As a budget oriented shooter and reloader I am always looking for the most cost effective ways to shoot more. 300 Blackout is one of my favorite ...